38 The Ernstraudian Way 12 May 2020

We have been creating our own worlds—first mentally and then tangibly. We are doing this with two methods: (a) we picture our preferred conditions until we perceive them around us and (b) we act on our environment to realize those conditions. We need resilience to meld the methods smoothly into a way of life. Thinking and doing are complementary.

Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? Are you ever drawn away from this idyllic scenario? Accept my assurance that it is still in my heart when I am digging my car out of a snowdrift or soothing a reader who thinks my last article was impressively stupid. The mundane world tugs me away from my reverie, but my spirit is forever free, spreading its wings and rising above the fray.

Coming back down to earth I face realities of daily upkeep. Nevertheless, the most important part of my reality is rubbing off my spirited freedom on you so that we can share a vision of what might and will be. Together we will delineate the possible. It is worth the time we spend together.

Now that I have glorified the answer, let me give you the question: why don’t people get along with each other? Do you see that the above paragraphs move us far beyond political infighting? It is painful even to bring up that word in this peaceful article.

This is a happiness blog. I have just opened Ernstraud School as a training ground where we will create and implement activities exercising this happiness. There is a need for this talent; when we are in the world, joy is present in the world. Some time ago I expressed the idea in this graphic:

This school is not characterized by unanimous agreement. Our unity is the absence of contention as we share diverse viewpoints. Indeed, the inclusion of viewpoints is our hallmark. We appeal to each other not in the tone of “my idea is better” but rather in the tone of “see how each of us has an idea that helps the other idea to grow.” Electioneering is sadly expressed as “fight and win.” We do not use that paradigm here. Instead we learn and grow because that brings us together.

Why this sudden outburst of flowery language? My heart feels a tender closeness with my readers. We are the ones willing to teach a fresh generation of collaborating associates to bring about progress without arousing hostility. Instead of fighting an opposing idea, we chart a course to good outcomes and invite all parties to join us on the Ernstraudian Way:

·        Begin where you are.

·        Face the light.

·        Proceed at your own pace.

·        Bring someone with you.

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Time for review: Here is the Tuesday post! In elevated language, it provides an overview of concepts that have been accumulating. I hope you sense the progression of ideas—not as a linear textbook sequence but as a collection of friendly thoughts to enrich your thinking.

definition: ERNSTRAUD / ERNSTRAUDIAN [adjective, noun]: (One who is) finding happiness in the greater good by caring for others ahead of self without profit motive or contention. Examples: Ernstraud Magazine; I am (an) Ernstraudian. (derivation: my parents were ERNST and WalTRAUD)

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