53 Let's talk 30 Jun 2020

If you read this, you are my friend. Sounds familiar? Of course, it is not exclusive. I have few readers and many friends. What matters is that you know you are my friends.

Today’s title started as “Let’s talk about the blog.” That wasn’t very interesting. It matters more to talk about you. In fact, that is the first principle of blogging: You share your thoughts when the material speaks to you. Are you ready to submit them below?

Some courses and some blogs become books. Others are based on books. Usually the live discussion is worth more than the books. Reading without commenting (“lurking”) is non-disruptive; it is OK. A step above that is adding something to the discussion. It can enrich your life and mine.

It is my turn to listen. We have discussed making the world better, creating a new world. More suggestions are coming. However, reading will be more meaningful if you add to the list yourself. Let us be aware of each other. After comments are approved below, they are public. If you prefer a private setting, reply to one of the emails I send. (You do subscribe, don’t you?) I also send a gift to new subscribers (World Improvement Checklist).

Writing clarifies understanding. We can’t explain the unknown. Action clarifies understanding. Things become known when we do.

Here is an introduction: find one blog article or more and finish this sentence: “This idea prompts me to …” If every article leaves you at a complete loss, I’m not a good writer! Why don’t you give it a try, and report back?

This blog has been around for a while. There is a huge accumulation of material. However, happiness is not a product for sale here. We share it here.

Because of overwhelm, most students who register for courses do not complete them. There is too much to assimilate. Participation looks like more work than benefit.

In this school there are no deadlines, only new thoughts. Depending on where you start, some will be useful. They broaden your horizons, increase your possibilities. You become more effective in your own way.

This is an unconscious-growth model. Stressing on “happiness” is counterproductive. Happiness is the byproduct of something you do actively. For example, when you are improving your basketball performance at the free-throw line, you mind is not concentrating on happiness. It is concentrating on the rim and backboard. After concentration makes the shot, then you experience (become aware of) the happiness. Nothing here is a done deal. However, a success journey that begins here leads to happiness.

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Today we switch roles: you talk, I listen. This is a blog, after all! Have a look at article 53 and try responding to something in the blog. There will soon be a new Table of Contents to help you choose.

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