14 Noah complex 18 Feb 2020

There is a religious viewpoint suggesting that I must find the elect or chosen few and bring them out of a corrupt world that is on its way to destruction. This separatist suggestion appears narrow and contrived.

I am energized instead by the viewpoint that I belong to the human family, which can use some help. My purpose and motivation lie in contributing improvement, sharing whatever I find to be good. To encourage others, it helps to be self-confident but not self-righteous. Growth is learning the viewpoints, weaknesses, and strengths of my family members so that I can understand and uplift them.

We are a disparate group but there is no need for discord. We may regard earning a living as a struggle but there is never reason to regard it as fighting. We are not competing against each other; our survival is collaborative. The foundation of mutual success is called love, and I love my family.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 

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