10 How to buy successfully 11 Dec 2019

Pressure advertising pushes people into making purchases. Price deadlines accelerate deciding and acting. To boost sales, merchants encourage impulse buying.

In contrast, I meet customer needs when the timing is best for them. When they are ready, I will be there. My goal is to benefit my customers, not my income.

If my philosophy reduces my sales by half, I am pleased that I have not given half of my customers buyer's remorse.

On the other hand, customers do not spontaneously imagine everything that can help them. Better advertising improves living by stimulating creative vision. There is a difference between impulse buying and informed choice. Deliberate and educated customers become satisfied loyal customers. They buy improvement.

Joining the happier group requires thought and discipline. Wise buyers study the logical connection between what they are offered and what they will use successfully. They can defend themselves from pressure tactics by realizing that if something will not be available next month or next year, maybe they don’t need it right now either.

Photo by LumenSoft Technologies on Unsplash

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