67 Teaching is not dispensing 18 Aug 2020

It is an exchange

For three days last week I profoundly enjoyed the LIFT convention presented by Mirasee. Danny Iny, with his wife and his brother, touched us all very deeply. There were stimulating guest presentations, but the most rewarding part of the conference was mingling (online) with the collegial participants.

 I heard of a college course on teaching aids in which the professor never used any teaching aids. Today I attended a lecture by a person who dropped out of a business training program because none of the teachers had run a business. Financial coaches teach that before you teach others to earn a million dollars, you have to earn a million dollars. Those stories maintain that you can’t teach what you don’t do.

 The theme of the LIFT program for course creators was surviving and thriving together. The curriculum challenged me to keep up and I don’t remember many specific topics. What I remember is what I was really studying: how do you teach people to cooperate? You will recognize that as the theme of this blog. It is fair to say that I was not studying the subject matter, I was studying the teacher. They taught me course creation by creating their course.

 Seeing the light has a profound effect on me. I learned that I do not own this blog. You do. I work here, but the purpose is the change you experience here. That is the direction I have always wanted to travel. Nevertheless, this is a pivot moment for me, a change in outlook on what I am doing.

 Do you understand now the title of Friday’s article 66 Teach me?

 School desks Photo by Jeffrey Hamilton on Unsplash

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Today’s photo is just like the arrangement of rooms where I attended grade school.

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