June 2021
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"We know that physics cannot be taught.
We will occupy you with techniques,
hoping you will catch on to physics in the process."

Helmut Fritsche, Professor of Physics, University of Chicago 1967

We experience for ourselves the road travelled by philosophers throughout history.
Each, including me, points out a different set of landmarks.
If you say "I have never heard of that before," I am doing my job.

I am not the classifier like Aristotle or the enumerator
like the Buddha, but I set my plow as deep.

Envision your best future self.
Your thoughts become actions that create a new world .

Learn to see every issue from every viewpoint.

The purpose of the course
is the thinking you do between lectures.

Kent V. Busse, Founder

Senior class presedent and co-valedictorian, Hood River High School, Hood River, Oregon 1961

AB Physics, General Honors, University of Chicago 1969

JD with High Honors, Chicago-Kent College of Law 1984

Illinois Bar 1984-2019

Registered Piano Technician, Piano Technicians Guild 1970-2020

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