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Ernstraud School

Welcome to the free content of Being For Others blog collected in one place for easy navigation. The school version here also contains author's-voice recordings that convey the emotion and clarify the meaning.

It makes your teacher (me) happy to see you record your course progress as you go through the materials. Participate as it interests you. There are no deadlines here.

There is a separate premium course for patrons who donate to Ernstraud School. They receive these downloadable thank-you gifts:

  1. Audio files are grouped by month for easy downloading to an MP3 player for listening while you exercise.
  2. There is a single textbook-style .PDF of the entire course. Articles regularly refer to each other, and this one file is an efficient way to navigate the cross-referencing much faster than you can in the blog, especially if you download the whole file and do the navigation on your computer.
  3. There is also a compendium of all the issues of Ernstraud Magazine, a "spasmodical" that appeared between August 2011 and February 2019, precursor to the blog.

Passing on the gift

Donors to Ernstraud School enable me to spend full time developing meaningful material. As you can afford to do so, I encourage you to join them by subscribing as patrons. The rice bowl is still far below being adequately filled.

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